Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thunder and big rain drops

Thunder here. I was out, had to pick up a few books. Big rain drops came down. They didn't wet me. I walked close to the buildings and under trees. It was pre-stormy weather. I could smell it. Heavy rain could be expected soon. My shoes only allowed me to walk elegantly. A rain shower would have entertained me. Dark blue clouds hang above the roofs in the sky, ready to let go. Temperature didn't drop. If this happens I love rain. Warm rain is the best.
Soon I was back home again, disappointed that I arrived villa motley before the clouds relieved themselves. My balcony doors are open. I admire the lightening, the sound of the thunder.

I turn off the radio, I prefer to hear the sound of nature.


denise said...

Here in Costa Rica we are aspecting the rain season, I hear some thunder during the morning, but no rain arrives... I love also the rain, for me it is always a miracle the water falling from the sky. good evening for you Ursula!

Ursula said...

Here when it rains it gets cold usually. This is one reason why I prefer rain in wamrer areas...:)

Nikkole said...

We just recently had rain in the United States :) It is just so relaxing and purifying!