Thursday, May 26, 2011

There are those days....

....which are beautiful, yes.

Nothing else happens.

I felt busy, very busy. To feel busy, needn't mean that I was busy. A few activities happened, oh yes, took E's mail to the post office, I ironed, wrote another chapter (It was bumpy today. It's part of it. I make no break, tomorrow I'll write the next chapter.)

Oh I missed my yoga practice..........I cannot imagine that I practice after sun set and call it a morning practice. This goes too far.
In the evening one has to use the left leg first, because then one greets the moon and when greeting the moon, it's the other way round. This requires awareness. This is too much today.

I call it a day.


Quentin said...

Evening practice greeting the Moon, using left leg first? WOW where did you discover left leg first? I thought Ashtanga practice was in morning only.

denise said...

dear Ursula, so it means that during the day we should always start with the right leg?

Ursula said...

Usually in Ashtanga yoga one starts with the right leg. Always. Ashtanga yoga is practiced in the morning.

In a workshop I learned that one starts with the left leg or left side first if one practices in the evening. One greets the moon.
I also read this in the book by Matthew Sweeney "vinyasa krama". There is a moon sequence in the book.

Good night

denise said...

Thank you Ursula, it's nice to learn something new. Have a nice weekend.