Monday, May 09, 2011

A shift in thinking

Mini vacation at the Chiemsee and Tegernsee is over. Daily life has come. It's Monday. Yepeeee.

There is a shift in my thinking since I've read the book by Oli Kahn "Ich":
Instead of realizing on the mat that I lived ruthlessly (too much food, alcohol) and making resolutions on the mat again and again to get back to a healthier life style, I think now during the day: What can I do to make my practice a good one. What can I do for my body off the mat? What supports my crazy exercises? That way it's easier to leave food on the plate when I feel full and to order and drink water. To drink water btw feels very good.

It's more important to me to take the leg behind the head or to progress in kapotasana than to eat till I feel heavy and tired and relaxed. Food has relieving effects, it calms, but I know better methods like meditating, chanting aum, focusing on the breath, dancing to music.

Happy healthy Monday to everybody.

Picture is taken at the Chiemsee.

My practice was excellent on Sunday morning. I got new insights re the vinyasas, but this is another post. Later.

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