Thursday, May 19, 2011

A sad yogini.....:)

No, I'm not sad, but it looks like that on the picture. I tried eka pada sirsasana (one leg behind the head while sitting and stretching forward. My leg didn't like to stay behind the head, it left it's position before the camera made klick.

Eka pada sirsasana is a complex asana:
- The stretched leg is supposed to be engaged.
- The foot of the leg which is behind the back is pointed. The leg is engaged, too. It must turn somehow, I still have to find out how. Sure is that the leg is not passive behind the back.
- The upper body moves forward, the chest shall remain open, so the back muscles are supposed to be engaged, too.
- Drishti is the foot, I look towards it. Towards means it needn't to be seen.

I try this pose also while lying on the back. It's easier that way and I can study that pose that way.

This is often the development of an asana:
1. First it seems impossible. Only the mind can visualize it. A positive attitude can be developped. "It's possible", is the motivating thought.
2. Attempts follow. Sometimes I add preparing exercises, easier variations of the asana.
3. The Attempts become better and better.
4. Then comes the day where the pose happens, but it's volatile. One day the body is possible to do it, the other day it seems impossible. This can be frustrating (see picture).
I go on exercising till I think about a pose: this is a piece of cake.....:)
(This all can take years!!!! No illusions here. I must laugh, yes years!)

Today primary is on the schedule, but eka pada sirsasana I'll practice, too. Usually I do it before supta kurmasana.
I'll also add split poses today.......

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