Sunday, May 08, 2011

A rebel

I was reluctant, but E's mother wanted to go and our friends were enthusiastic about him. And so we all went to the hospital close to the lake where we attended a mass.

I made a plan what I would do if I got bored. My breath came into my mind and I wanted to  focus on my breath, I wanted to make inhaling and exhaling longer and even......but I wasn't bored. I listened to this man who spread so much love and inspiration.

The interpretation of the gospel was very modern: be conscious was the message. Joy can be found in daily life that way.

We shared bread and wine, which is very uncommon in the Catholic church. Usually those who like, can get a Host, but not a piece of bread and no wine. We gathered in little groups, ate and drank as a highlight of the mass. It shall symbolize not to forget to have joy in daily life and the wine symbolizes the special moments. Those who knows the Catholic church with it's strict rules know that this alone is a no no. The mystic of that all was that the bread also was the body of Jesus.

What a surprise to find at such a tourist place like the Chiemsee such an outstanding person who spreads so much hope, love and inspiration.

Back to my daily life: With consciousness I'll practice primary. Even though I think this part of my life, my Ashtanga yoga practice symbolizes more the wine than the bread.

Picture: taken at the Chiemsee.

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