Sunday, May 22, 2011


It seems to be a summer day today.The sun is shining.  I got up early to practice alone at home. My E is back and it's planned to go to a beer garden in the afternoon, while at another place here in Munich yogis and yoginis will enjoy a led class.

My practice was intensive, it lasted 2 hours. As always some asanas seemed to develop, others not. Vinyasa was lousy i.e., but I tried to jump forward and backward again and again without touching the floor. And again and again my feet touched the floor.

Do it lousy, but give it a try, I thought and tried dwi pada sirsasana. I was able to do it without leaning against the sofa. What a nice surprise. I prepared this pose, first I had practiced eka pada sirsasana, then yoga nidrasana. Ah, this is insofar important as this is how I want to go into supta kurmasana. It's all improving.

Also urdhva dhanurasana felt well, but I can be wrong.

It was a good start. Tomorrow second series. 

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