Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Primary de luxe

Primary can be practiced so lala. It's also possible to make this first Ashtanga series really challenging. It can be dressed up to an exercise de luxe. 

- To be able to practice the vinyasas comme il faut can be a challenge for years. I learned that one jumps back without bringing the legs in position. Example: When practicing marichyasana B, that's the starting point. The body is lifted up that way. It's not that one stretches the legs forward first to make it "easy". 
- One can try to bring the chin to the floor instead of the front when practicing bhuja pidasana.
- It's possible to integrate handstand, after the standing sequences i.e. or after supta.  kurmasana.
- Having an even, focused practice can be another challenge. 
- Respecting the correct vinyasa counts can be another aspect that can keep primary interesting. 
- I usually focus on urdhva dhanurasana at the end (posts will follow).

I watched youtube videos yesterday. It's a time-consuming fun. But from time to time I find a raisin. Yesterday I stumbled upon the videos of Maria Villella. Her videos are very analytic and helpful (see above).

Time to step on my mat. The second series is on the schedule. Hahahaha.

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