Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The path and the goal..

The path and the goal: I think they belong together. It's an endless path, that ends with the death. The path is not only plastered with seductions. From time to time we accomplish a goals, if we've defined some. It can be celebrated.
Each practice has mini goals for me. After each inhaling is a pause. After each exhaling is a little pause. There is no movement and no thought during this tiny pause. It's as if a mini-goal is achieved. It gives time to relax and to start afresh with either inhaling and lengthen the body or exhaling and letting go and going deeper into the body. This little pause, this little achievement can be seen outside. It gives the practice a clear structure, a rhythm.

Sometimes the movement (or path) from one pause to the next is long sometimes short. If it's short the movement is slow, if the movement is long, it must be done faster. The breath is even. It's not all porridge.

Kapotasana improved: Here is the history. I see that the elbows must come closer together.

Urdhva dhanurasana: At home I use a strap to keep the feet parallel. I thought I could bring the chest to the book shelf. I'm still far away from it. And I had a good day today. The feet must still be much closer to the hands. My picture tell me that I've still some body work to do till I'll be able to come up.

My practice was great. That's how it is. There will be always something to improve to learn. It's good to enjoy the mini goals.......the pauses between the inhaling and exhaling.
It's good to enjoy the path, the learning. It's an adventure.......surprises happen.......

PS: When an asana seems difficult, it's good to remember that it's of importance to create length (or room) first with the inhaling. This helps to get deeper into a pose no matter if it's a forward bending asana, a twist or a back bending.

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