Saturday, May 21, 2011

On the Ashtanga method....

This is another post on the topic of yesterday, but another approach:

The asanas are important. For sure. No doubt.

As important as it is to practice the asanas, it is important to practice uddjay  breathing  to have a gazing point and to engage the muscles (including the bandhas).  In the first years I forgot about it during my practice. I couldn't see yet that the breath and the drishti and the bandhas are not additional burden, but they help me to perform the asanas. Break. It's worth to repeat: Correct breathing, correct dirshti, using the muscles, comme il faut is a support.

I give you examples how important even the dristis are:
There is the challenging pose utthita parsvasahita. It's a balancing pose. To look downward makes it more likely that I tremble and fall out of the pose. To look to the side keeps the body upright and gives stability. Test it.
Ardha baddha padma paschimottanasana: Drishti is the toe. The toe needn't to be seen, it's looking towards the toe. When I try to do this I stretch the body forward much more. To look at the leg makes it more likely that the back is rounded.

To look forward with open eyes keeps me alert. I feel fully awake when I do this. To close the eyes makes me sleepy. It might have the effect to relax. This is why eyes are closed at the end in relaxation pose. During the practice I practice awareness. When the eyes are stable, the mind calms down.

To see the breath, dristhi, bandhas, engaging the muscles as a support makes it more likely not to forget about it.
Test it, don't believe anything I write! :)

Eka pada sirsasana: Sometimes it's easier to perform an asana while lying on the back. Being on the back allows me to give myself an adjustment. I really have to lean against my bended leg. The hips, this huge joints open slowly.

I enjoy my yoga free day today.
My beloved travel monsters will soon return. I've prepared a second breakfast for them. I'm looking forward to seeing them both again.

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