Saturday, May 28, 2011

Moon sequence

Saturday is my Ashtanga free day.......but I wanted to move my body.
I know that when I want too much it's very likely that I do nothing at all. Calmer sessions will do, too from time to time.

To learn the moon sequence by Matthew Sweeney is on my list for some time. Today I put this huge book on my sofa and practiced the sequence. It's important to learn it by heart when I want to practice it again and I want to do this. To check what to do next every 5 minutes interrupts each practice.
I felt reluctance when I saw that I should do asanas I was not so good at it. But I also knew that I could trust Matthew. He practices Ashtanga yoga for more than 30 years. When he has created a series it's supportive for the Ashtanga practice. So I did all the asanas, the moon sequence is a great choreography respecting the basic rules, like doing counter poses.

Indeed the practice gave me something that I don't find in my challenging Ashtanga practices. It's much calmer. In the beginning some dynamic movements wake the body up, but then one asana follows the next ,without vinyasa. This makes the practice relaxing.

To do something new needs extra attention. It'a amazing how the Ashtanga series became a routine already.

The sequence has a lot of hip opening asanas. The hip joints are challenged.

Learning something new reminded me how important it is to observe precisely. How is the feet position? The hands? Does the body turn to the left side first or to the right side? How is the breath?

When writing and taking pictures observing precisely is very important. It's helpful in yoga, too. Picture help a lot. I had an attentive practice. Happy Saturday. 


Jocellyn said...

Thanks for leaving a link to the book. I was on the site Stumble Upon and came across the Moon Sequence. I was able to find a slightly large/viewable PDF version of it, but I think the book a lot easier to use :)

Ursula said...

The book is fantastic. It has 4 other awesome sequences.

Thank you for buying via my blog.


elisa80 said...

You know what you can do? Maybe record yourself teaching the sequence and listening to that while you do it so you don't have to keep referring to the book. This probably won't help much in memorization, but at least it won't interrupt your practice. Maybe you can make a podcast available, too, if that's legal. I'd download it for sure!

Ursula said...

That's a good idea, but I'm so busy for the time being.

To record anything is much much work.

Happy practices to you.