Sunday, May 29, 2011

Moon sequence again, even though I practiced in the morning.

I will go to a led class this afternoon. We'll be led through primary.
A calm practice in the morning could be good in addition, I thought.

I practiced again the moon sequence choreographed my Matthew Sweeney. Despite it's calm, I sweated. I feel that my hips are challenged. Very cautiously I practiced. Practicing poses that I scarcely do makes me modest again.

This sequence supports my Ashtanga practice, so much I can already say.

It feels good to practice a pose, holding it for 5 breaths and then going to the next pose. Not practicing vinyasas between the poses is relaxing. To take it easy from time to time is good. Yoga has so many facets and aspects.

The whole fun lasted about 1 hour. This allows to add pranayama and time. For today this was enough. I put back my mat. It's good to have a clearly defined starting point and an end, too. Between these tow points - beginning and end  - intensity can be experienced.

Wow, it's still before noon. I can be prolific. Chapter 6 is waiting......:)

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