Friday, May 27, 2011


I'm thankful for every recommendation. Today in the Mysore class M told me to focus on the inhaling. To have a strong and long inhaling is very supportive for all back bending poses. To go into a pose is one thing, to get out of a pose can be a challenge, too. Inhaling can become more difficult when pressure is on the chest like it is the case in all back bending asanas. I feel it, my inhaling must become stronger when I want to come up from urdhva dhanurasana.

My attention will be the inhaling during my next practices. Exhaling happens alone. Inhaling is active, exhaling is passive.

So much is to learn......

Pranayama interests me again.......the breath can be so powerful.

Today I practiced primary. My left leg is still not 100% OK.

The vinyasas are interesting. It's possible to make primary really challenging. One can i.e. get from supta kurmasana to tittibhasana A to bakasana to handstand. Yes! This looks nice. Strong arms are necessary.

Friday evening........and it's rainy here. And cold. I stretched my foot out of the balcony door. Brrrrrhhhhhhh.

Picture: It's a dinner that I order in the restaurant round the corner. It's really not much, but sufficient. I love the picture.

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