Monday, May 23, 2011

I need a strategy.......

I need a strategy for urdhva dhanurasana. I feel it's possible to come up from this pose. Soon. I'm very motivated to do even extra body work.

Today I dropped back again from samasthitih. It's been more than a year now that I've stopped doing it. I worked on opening the front side of the body. When I arched back I kept my feet close together, parallel. The adjustments helped me a lot, but also to drop against the wall.

It's important to me to be in control when arching back. Consciously I want to approach the point, where I cannot hold the pose anymore. Then I fall, this is the moment where the arms must stretch against the floor. It lasts less than a second. I've not forgotten how it goes.

I'm alone at home today. It could be good to add an extra yoga session. I could use my carpets. Instead of dropping to the floor, I could drop on the carpets. Every other day one carpet could be removed. I know that this is a good idea. Will I have the energy to do it? I'm not sure.
It's perhaps an idea for tomorrow, for my morning practice at home. Two hours Ashtanga yoga every day is really much. Shall this be enough.

Healthy eating and enough sleep supports my practice.

Claudia a passionate yogini and blogger has published a book on Ashtanga yoga: Klick here and you'll be on her blog where she presents her work. I think you deserve to get informed about the latest news and activities in the Ashtanga community. Enjoy.


Dollsworld said...

Wow great motivation.

Ursula said...

:), yes!