Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Focus is sooooooo important, on and off the mat.

There is so much distraction everywhere, it seems almost impossible to make reasonable decisions.
Sometimes I read 10 books at the same time. I don't watch TV, but I observed how people watch: they switch from one channel to the other in order not to miss anything. But it's also a lack of ability to concentrate, a lack of focus.

All activities that might last longer seem too difficult if we don't learn to concentrate.

Without focus it's almost impossible to finish anything. And this is not satisfactory.

On the mat I can exercise being focused. I'm rewarded with experiencing flow and intensity. Off the mat it can even help to survive.

1. First it's crucial to make a decision on what I like to focus.
2. It's very helpful to limit the time of focusing. Again and again. It needs energy to focus and I need to relax afterwards when I was focused for a while on one object, one activity. 25 minutes seems to be a good time, not too long, not too short. And then again 25 min focus on anything. Break.

My practice was excellent, it's warm here, this has a positive influence on the practice. Always. Nevertheless I had to finish earlier. E's mother is waiting for me downtown. We want to have lunch together and I'm looking forward to seeing her. I'm flexible.

Dhanurasana (see picture): The knees are supposed to be together. Should I use a strap next time? It could be helpful. I try to bring my shinbones parallel to the wall. Goal is to open the chest. There is always something that I can improve.


Globie said...

Looks a great Dhanurasana to me

Ursula said...

Yes, it has improved! :)