Friday, May 13, 2011


Concentration on the breath is what can create flow. It's the feeling that one wants to go on and on and on. Intensity is felt. My concentration improved for sure. I didn't interrupt my home practice for taking pictures of yoga poses for this reason.

Being able to focus on the breath for as long as I practice intensifies my practice, I sweat much more than I used to a few years ago. This cleanse the body I've heard and it's important part of the practice.

In the meantime I see that my ability to focus bears fruit also in my private life. Worries are seen as worries, nothing else. They are created by the mind and they disappear when the mind is able to focus on anthing else. It's a skill, practiced on the mat, but also useful in daily life.

Urdhva dhanurasana: I drop back from standing position into urdhva dhanurasana again. It scares me again, but I do it. Legs are closer together than a few years ago. When will it happen that I can stand up? I practice intensively, but I'm relaxed about the result. All yoginis know the saying: the path is the goal. But I think the path and the goal belong together and support each other.

Happy weekend.....


Tui said...

I agree that focusing on the breath helps with concentration. When I do some basic focused breathing before I start my yoga, I feel more in time with the ashtanga flow.

Anna said...

Hi Ursula!
"...bears fruit.." is better.

Anna said...

Hi Ursula!

...bears fruit...
is better.


Ursula said...

Hi Tui,
That's how I start, first breathe.....

Ursula said...

Thank you Anna....:)

Nice to have you still among my readers...:)
And thank you very much for the correction, you know I appreciate this very much.....:)