Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The body and the mind........

During a yoga practice I obviously practice the body: I do forward bending, I twist, I jump, I do back bending. Even inversions I do.

Body and mind belong together.
The mind can support the body and the other way round.
* When I feel well-rested, well fed, it's easier to study i.e., it's easier to concentrate.
* The mind can support the body as well. I can be attentive i.e. and that way I can avoid injuries. I want to be a bit more detailed here. There is so much focus on the body and how to bind, jump through, balance. I think the mind needs some more attention.

What can the mind do to support the yoga practice?
1. We can remember the sequence and we can learn the sanskrit names of the asanas. Having a good memory can be exercised via using it. Looking up the next asana in a book interrupts the flow.
2. Thinking positive is another supportive action of the mind. To develop a positive attitude can take years, but the potential to become more positive is given. An example: I remember minimum 4 asanas of the first series, I was convinced I'd be never able to do: ardha baddha padmottanasana, marichyasana C and D, garbha pindasana, supta kurmasana, yoga mudra. I don't want to mention the vinyasas. After years of practicing them I'm able to do these asanas, of course they can still improve, but I'm able to do them. This makes it more and more difficult to believe that any asanas are not possible. The believe that things are possible is not a superficial sentence anymore, it's grounded in experiences. This takes time. That more can be possible than initially thought, can be seen in other areas than yoga, too.
3. The mind can learn to be focused on the breath i.e.. This calms the mind, which means thoughts become less, which is experienced as relaxing. Being able to focus on any object improves life.

In less than 25 minutes I've written this post today, because I was so focused on writing. Being focused saves time, intensifies life, I'd even say.

Shall this be enough "mind" for today.

Picture: This pose is called kasyapasana. I practice it as preparation for dwi pada sirsasana (both legs behind the head in sitting position). It's new that I don't have to hold the leg. :)

Thank you for reading.
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kass.lo said...

I think mind and body are always connected, for your body to work, you need your mind to work, only the level of concentration differs, and what you chose to concentrate on, in my opinion... :)

Ursula said...

I totally agree. Lately I realized that we focus much more on the body. Exercising the mind can be so supportive. It's neglected (what I see).