Monday, May 02, 2011

Bharadvajasana, a twist

The twists turn the spine around. Twitsts in my opinion also massage the inner organs. This feels good. With the inhaling the upper body stretches upwards, length is created, with the exhaling the body twists. The hips are erected.

It took me some time to understand the twists. If this happens, I check the basics:
- Those body parts that touch the floor are equally weighted. Both sit bones touch the floor.
- The shoulder are away from the ears and in line.
- The hips are erected, the upper body long.
- The chest opens.
- Engaging the bandhas when exhaling supports the execution of this asana.
- The gazing point is the side (and not downward looking). This helps to stay in an upright position.

Our bodies are different. Some of us have very long arms, others have shorter arms. My arms are not so long. This is why I put my hand closer to the hips under my leg. The knees are rather close together. Only that way I can guarantee that my body has not to move forward. Then the entire pose looks strange and feels strange.

Bharadvajasana is exercised twice in the second series. First before the forward bending asanas and after the back bendings. And it's the last pose before the headstands.

Mysore class today. I'm looking forward to it. How will it be today.

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Have a good start, it's Monday.


Artists Valentine said...

What do you mean by "the hips are erected"?

Ursula said...

A little exercise so that you understand:

Stand hip width apart, knees are a bit bended. And now tilt your hips. Once the spine lengthens, the other time you make sort of hollow back.
Now sit down with straight legs. And try the same. The hips are erected means you rather make a hollow back. The ankle between leg and upper body is small. The body is upright. when you try to lengthen your body as much as you can this happens from alone.
Was this clear?

Taehreh said...

I've been practicing Ashtanga for a couple years on and off, but never regularly. I'm doing a 30 day challenge this month to see what changes I can see in my body. It's great to see your pictures and descriptions of the poses!

Ursula said...

Good luck,and obsersve also your mind...:)

Anonymous said...

My yoga teacher (of 30 years) believes that twists are what release the toxins in your body. Important, therefore to drink a lot of water after your twists. She says if she had to pick one daily asana to do only it would be a twist asana.

Ursula said...

I think the twists are underestimated. They feel so good.

To drink more water is so good for the inner organs. It's on my list. I still don't drink enough. I know this. Thanks for reminding me. :)