Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ashtanga yoga a spiritual exercise?

Is practicing Ashtanga yoga a spiritual practice?
Or is it simply body work?

It depends:
When we observe our thoughts, when we practice consciously a practice can indeed become spiritual.
When we focus on the breath, and when we ignore other thoughts, Ashtanga yoga becomes a spiritual practice.

Spirtitual I think means exercising the spirit, being focused, being aware, finding a positive approach to the exercises, thinking positive.

This implies that each action, each activity can become spiritual if done with consciousness.

How do you exercise your mind? How do you bring spirit into your daily life?

Mysore class: I feel much stronger than some months earlier. I feel that my practice has still a lot potential. I finish my practice usual in samasthithi: Thank you, I say silently, thank you, thank you. I'm so happy that I can do this practice every morning.

Action now. The list is long. Shall my pomodoro timer structure my day: 25 min action, 5 min pause, 25 min work action, 15 min pause.......


Ryan said...

I love the focus on spirituality and peace of mind. Nice blog!

Ursula said...

Thank you Ryan.

You also remind me, I haven't updated my blog yet. I was obviously busy.

Subadi said...

Yoga is an ancient system of movement for the personal development of body and mind. Practitioners of yoga are considered a global lifestyle, focused on compassion, nonviolence and inner peace. It consists of movements of yoga and various poses