Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Ardha matsyendrasana

Ardha matsyendrasana is another wonderful twist. It took me a while till I found the correct foot position. In my case it needs to be close to the body when I want that the shoulders are even. I point the foot of the leg that is on the floor. It looks nicer.

I saw a variation of the pose, which I  like very much, too. Then the arms bind behind the back. One  arm stretches through the bended leg and can so reach the other arm and hold the wrist.

I can scarcly reach my leg with the hand that is behind the back. So the arm behind my back cannot turn me further into the twist. When the hand bind I can turn more. Explore both poses, it's fun to be adventures. It deepens the understanding of the poses.

Both sit bones are on the floor. The body is upright.

Twists turn the spine, which feels really good.
In addition it's a great massage for the inner organs.

I just wondered what we can do for our inner organs?
- We can eat not so much and healthy stuff.
- We can drink enough water.
- And we can do twists.....:)

How I enjoyed the Mysore class this morning. I'm crazy for Ashtanga yoga!

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Mike said...

Great pose, I propose it to my students too. It's known to be very appreciated.

Ursula said...

Thanks. Twists feel great!

Nourish said...

I love this pose, it feels so good to twist and stretch the body this way.