Monday, May 16, 2011

10 people wanted......

Some of you might know it.
There is a book in the pipeline, a book about.......I hesitate to go on writing. First I thought it would be about staying or getting slim. This might attract a lot of people. But it 's more about living healthy, being slim and feeling beautiful is a side effect not the main goal. Does this topic interest you?

Why ever this book is not yet on the market, I don't know it.
I decided to  try a new approach.

My book will consist of 30 chapter (estimated and short ones), and it will consist of exercises.

If you're willing to read chapter by chapter during the next weeks and if you're willing to try the exercises and give me feed-back, write me an email:  sorry we're complete.
I'd appreciate:
- when you are patient to let develop the book.
- when you give me feed back on the chapters. I won't answer to the feed-back but of course reflect on it.

If this book will become a product and if you like it of course, you'll be mentioned in it.

In addition it would be good if you are on twitter. You can have a fantasy name there to stay anonymous. I'll give you a hash tag when a group of 10 people is formed and there you can exchange your experiences with the other readers. Nothing is more motivating than making changes in a group.

It's only open to 10 people: Please write to .................... if you're interested.
Thank you.

Next day:
We're 11 now, this is perfect. Thank you. The group is complete now....:) How wonderful.


Melita said...

this is great!! congrats & best wishes!! hugs and _/\_

Ursula said...

Thank you, this project must move forward....:)