Thursday, April 07, 2011

What a wonderful morning

Morning? Haha, we're approaching lunch with high speed. The sun is shining and I smile. I saw the latest French movie with Catherine Deneuve and Gérard Depardieu yesterday night. It was a comedy, I had to laugh. Alone because of the Deneuve it's worth watching the movie: Das Schmuckstück.
I want to move to France.......hahahaha at least a few months every year. This is now on my list.

Two goodies of yoga:
- It always leads me back to a healthy life style. Me too, I'm seduced by all the products that can be eaten and drunk on the market. And sometimes I give in and then I get back to a more healthy life style because I feel that this is better for me. My yoga practice tells me this with each movement.
- It is said, that those who practice yoga experience that life needn't to aggravate with age. It's possible to stay fit till death comes. This is in my opinion the greatest gift.

I'm looking forward to my home practice today.

My camera gives up. It served me very well. I need a new one, my birthday is coming....:)

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Tom said...

Ist ja lustig, "Das Schmuckstück" habe ich auch Gestern im City in der 18 Uhr Vorstellung angesehen.

Ursula said...

Ach! Sind wir uns schon mal begegnet?
Ich fand den Film klasse.
Und so französisch....

Wie hat er dir gefallen?