Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Second series with David Swenson

I wanted to challenge myself, today, I wanted to experiment.

From time to time I practice with a CD. It can substitute a led class, so I think.
Listening to someone who guides me through one of the series has the advantage that I don't have to think at all what comes next. I follow the voice. I also do not have to motivate myself to go on, the voice that I hear makes me doing the next breath, the next move.
The challenge is that the asanas must be held a bit longer as I do when in a Mysore class or at home alone. The vinyasas and going in a pose has to be done faster. Cheating becomes a bit more difficult. Focusing on the breath and the voice brings me in a meditative state.

My challenge should be to practice second series with a CD, Swenson's CD.
David Swenson guides the yoginis/yogis through 5 surya namaskara As, 5 surya namaskara Bs, the entire standing sequence, the closing sequence and relaxation. Half vinyasa is counted.
Usually I practice 5 surya As, 3 surya Bs. I stop the standing asanas after utthita parsvottanasana. I practice full vinyasa.

Variations keep the mind attentive.

I think it makes sense for me to practice till kapotasana. Then I should switch off the CD and I should repeat this deep back bending asana. Kapotasana needs extra attention, repetition. I'm learning it. Simply to do it somehow, not giving extra effort to it doesn't satisfy myself. An alternative could be stop the CD and then to switch it on again.

My direction when practicing alone after having practiced with the CD:
- Going faster in an asana.
- Holding the asana longer.
- Vinyasa is supposed to be done faster, too.

I practiced. I interrupted a beloved routine. This is always good as it interrupts sleepwalking. Ashtanga yoga is an awareness exercise.

Ashtanga yoga teaches me discipline, it teaches me to be content with what is. Something was missing: modesty. This practice makes me modest.......:) I was challened. Indeed.

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