Thursday, April 14, 2011

Primary at home

Primary has still a lot of challenges:
- The vinyasas are one of them. I'm ready for the next step. So far I was able to lift my body up with an inhaling, crossed my legs and could swing the feet through the arms without touching the floor. Then the balls of the feet quickly touched the floor. My next challenge is to hold the position without touching the floor. This develops strength that I need. The legs must finally fly back.

- Bhuja pidasana: Several times I tried to jump forward direct into the pose, ready to cross the ankles as soon as the legs landed on the upper arms. This dynamic movement is no more so scary, it seems to be doable. It seems to be balancing skill.

- Supta kurmasana: I added several poses, like leg behind the head poses. Our bodies are different. For me with relatively short legs and arms in relation to the upper part of the body, it's better to cross the legs behind the head or neck than to cross them in front of the head, which is not possible.

Forward splits after supta parsvasahita were painful, as my legs are not yet 100% OK. Time to eat again pineapples and green food.  Yes, yes, this shall help to keep the muscles soft. I know this from three reliable sources.

I also added pincha mayurasana.  I added it before the headstand. M warned me. I'll soon have to fold into padmasana when in that pose and this means I've to be very stable in that pose (which I'm not yet).

I know I need more strength: I don't cheat anymore in the last post, utpluthih. I hold it for 10 breaths (no, not 108 breaths). 10 shall be enough. Even Sharath counts till 10 in his led classes and not till 100 something.

My practice this morning was excellent. I practiced with the CD by Sharath first.
Ah, I remember another week point during my practice. Perhaps I should practice this also: I need too much time to get into marichyasana C and D. I must find out why I need so much time.
After navasana I stopped the CD and practiced alone, full vinyasa then.

The advantage when it's difficult: One learns to learn and one learns to become patient. Perseverance is learned. The joy when a pose is finally mastered is much greater than when it's all easy going and not at all a challenge.

Asthanga yoga, because it feels good. Ashtanga yoga because you're worth it.

The sun starts shining, time to go out a bit. Fresh air is good for the teint.

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Anonymous said...

Supta Kurmasana? Tell me about it! Any tricks for squiggling those legs behind the neck?