Saturday, April 09, 2011

Preparation for the workshop with Lino Miele this afternoon

1. I'll take a bath to relax the muscles.
2. I'll massage my legs with rubber alcohol, as my legs are still a bit overstretched. I decided not to take an Aspirin, I want to feel my body. I want to stop stretching when it hurts.
3. Workshops seduce to overdo. My attitude will be: take it easy, have fun.

......and I'm listening to Italian music......hahahaha.....this is probably the best preparation.

Wow, am I curious now......:)

Lino Miele's book: I recommend it. You can buy it via my blog at amazon.


Tracy said...

let me kbow where I can get some of that "rubber alcohol" my legs are killing me!! :~D

Ursula said...

I buy it here in drugstores.

May your legs heal soon. I know you're strong and when you mention that your legs are killing you, they do.

Bath also, this helps me, too.
All the best for your legs. xoxo U