Monday, April 18, 2011

My favourite Ashtanga rules

1. Practice in the morning. (Means: after a small breakfast and after having emptied the body from the delicious food I ate the day before.)
2. Practice daily. (Means: 6 days a week and one day break) I don't know moon days, but unfortunately lazy days.
3. Don't omit asanas. If an asana is not yet possible I imagine it. This counts, too.

Of course I apply the typical Ashtanga method (these are last but not least also rules for the yoga practice: uddjay breathing, linking the breath with the movement, no asana without vinyasa, gazing at a point, engaging certain muscles, engaging mulha bandha, letting go of the rest. It's all known. Beside this, see above.

As soon as I write down rules exceptions come to mind. So it's always with rules, they are made to break them: 
Yesterday i.e. I didn't practice. I dawdled in the morning and then I wanted to go out with my E. The practice this morning was hard, I don't exaggerate here. I had 2 days off from yoga, this was one day too much. The Italian food also didn't help me today to perform a perfect pashasana. Such is life.  New resolutions are made. Life goes on.............

What are your favourite Ashtanga rules, you never want to break?

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Quentin said...

My favorite rules are that I did not know there were any rules. I practice because I love the experience.

Anonymous said...

I'm not certain if this is a "rule" or not, but I dedicate each practice at the beginning to a cause or a person that I feel needs positive energy sent their way. We do this by holding our hands (right open palm upon the left open palm) arms held at heart height. It helps to motivate me throughout my practice. My daughter actually did this for me a couple of weeks ago in her yoga class (as I have been dealing with vertigo) she thought of me and how I still do yoga through the dizziness. She then said the most amazing thing happened.. throughout her entire practice SHE was dizzy. Once her practice ended so did the dizziness. Talk about empathy and compassion! What a gift it was to hear that story from my dear daughter.

Ursula said...

Thanks Quentin for sharing this.

Ursula said...

Wow, wonderful ritual.

What an awesome experience.

I hope that everything is fine with you again....