Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Easter practice

It was wonderful to practice outside this morning. A fresh wind cheered me up from time to time. Birds were watching me and my father was watching me, too. He: It's like circus. Hahahaha. Fact is it was hard this morning. I cannot remember when I've been so stiff lately. Brave I was, I did all asanas of primary and all vinyasas.

I must think the other way round: Instead of realizing during my practice that it would be good to live more modest, it could be good to think: what can I do off the mat to make my yoga practice a good one.

It's sunny here, wonderful Easter weather. Time to stroll around. The castle is not so far away, there are also 2 lakes. We'll stay another day here.

Picture no 1: Easter eggs for the conservative readers.
Picture no 2: An Easter egg for the anarchos among us.


Globie said...

Nice egg! Happy Easter

denise said...

Ursula, I love the tree with the colorful eggs, so lovely!
This morning doing my practice I saw a nice yellow bird on my banana tree. Good week and good practice!