Saturday, April 02, 2011

Making the best out of every situation......

I've a title. It's written down and the first question comes up. What IS the best situation????? Often afterwards one knows what would have been the best. Or perhaps exactly as it was, it was the best situation even though we couldn't see it.

I consider my current situation as perfect: Three times in the week I can go to a Mysore class with an excellent teacher, once a week I can go to a led class. 3 times in the week I practice on my own.

Better it cannot be for me. I know yogis/yoginis who wouldn't be happy with this, because they want to travel to India to Gokulam to THE shala in addition every year for months. I know yoginis who want to go to Mysore classes every day to consider a situation as ideal.

In my first Ashtanga years I could go to a led class till navasana once a week. Later I could go to a Mysore class once a week in the evening for 7 months every year only. This forced me to establish a stable home practice. In addition I went to Jivamukti classes from time to time. I didn't find this optimum. My practice progressed slowly, but I developed discipline. This is very much. I started this blog to support my home practice and it became so much fun for me. I feel connected to the Ashtanga yoga community, made friends. My English got (hopefully) better and I discovered my passion for the word. These were the surprising goodies.

The best situation, yeah, what is it? Surely a heated room is wonderful, but when we are able to practice in a cold room (warmly dressed of course), we see our passion our dedication......

The mind is judging all the time, this is how it is working. It compares and knows quickly the differences to past situations or imagined future situations. Quickly it is found out what we like and dislike. This is OK, it is as it is. It can be helpful to make decisions. Knowing how the mind works helps not to take the thoughts too seriously. We can use our brain cells for finding solutions to improve the situation, and we can be detached from judging.

In each situation lies something that can help us and support our yoga path:
- In my first years it was that I established a stable home practice. Sometimes I'm even admired because of this. My ability to perform the asanas developed slowly (very slowly).
- Since a bit more than 1 year (after 7 years!) I have an excellent teacher who offers Mysore classes 3 times a week and my yoga practice leaped ahead. But from time to time I travel and I'm not in Munich and then I've my home/hotel practice available.

Be creative. There is always something that you can improve. Nowadays so many learning tools are available: books, youtube videos, cameras, and and and......enjoy the trip.......

A positive attitude towards the asanas, a can attitude supports the ability to learn asanas, so it is with the entire situation. Making the best out of every situation is an art. Thinking positive keeps us in the best mood to step on our mat, daily.

Thank you Quentin for inspiring me for this post.

PS: I'm in love with the luxury hens of my brother. More hen pictures will follow, stay tuned.

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Jessica Walsh said...

Great post. It really has me thinking, thank you!

Ursula said...

Thank you.

It makes me thinking, too. What is true for yoga is also true for other life situations....:)