Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Lino Miele in Munich

I think in my case it's more important to have a daily practice than to go to workshops. I can go to Mysore classes 3 times a week, I can go to a led class once a week and I get adjustments in the poses I'm learning from people who know my body. It's simply perfect. This was not always so ideal.

When Lino Miele is coming to Munich (this weekend, Friday through Sunday) even I must go to a workshop, I thought. Yesterday I wanted to book 2 classes at airyoga, a led class and a technique class but it was fully booked. I'm now on the waiting list. It's all OK how it is. In workshops I tend to overdo and this is not at all good for my overstretched legs.

I'm sure it's worth to meet yogis who practice this Ashtanga style for 30 years or even longer and who have had close contact to Pathabi Jois. Lino is such a yogi, he is a heavy metal in the community, for sure. I also would have loved  to see who else is practicing Ashtanga yoga here in Munich. Lino is a fan of correct breathing. It's good to be reminded. He also encourages yogis/yoginis to do full vinyasas, I've heard. What else he likes to spread, I won't learn.

For those who miss his workshop, here is a link of someone who visited a workshop with Lino.

Time to practice.

Here is the book "Ashtanga yoga" by L. Miele that I highly recommend. Especially good is that the book contains the correct vinyasa count for every asana. Every dedicated Asthanga yogi/yogini must have this book. Point.


Tui said...

I hope you get to go to this workshop Ursula - I imagine it would be very inspirational above all.
Kino Macgregor is coming to NZ next year - this is one that I'm looking forward to.

Ursula said...

Thank you Tui.

As it is and will come it's perfect. :)

Have fun with Kino. I learned a lot from her via her videos on youtube.

Happy practices. Namaste

SandyLee said...

Thank you for the book suggestion and link to the Lessons from Lino Miele, it was a great read!

Ursula said...

Welcome SandyLee.

I'm a big fan of full vinyasas...

Enjoy when you do it.

Lana* said...

I love all your blog posts :) As a fellow yogi, it's great to learn and follow any advice you have for us! Please check out my blog as well: yoga1foryou.blogspot.com

C.K. said...

Lino is the closest in teaching to Guruji, in my opinion. Go to him - please take whatever segment still has vacancy.

His focus is on breath *and* correct vinyasa: how to move in and out of each pose without wasting time/energy/breath.

Please go!

Ursula said...

I was too late to book. I know you're a fan of Lino. Next time.