Saturday, April 09, 2011

Lino Miele and his technique class

This man is a show, a one-man-show. I was entertained from the first minute on till the last one. It is said that he comes from the theatre. This he cannot hide. Lino is an actor, a pantomime. To every question he answered with a little pantomime, a little story, and it was convincing. I had so much fun.
Ah, and here is his first message: Enjoy yourself. This is it. Practicing Ashtanga yoga is joy.
Ashtanga yoga is life changing: After some years of practicing Ashtanga yoga people are asked what they are doing for a living and they do nothing else, but Ashtanga yoga, because this is what they love and want to do in life. Somehow it works.

One must experience Lino Miele for sure. It's a man in his sixties, full of energy, present, lively, vibrating. He has been practicing Ashtanga yoga for more than 30 years with P. Jois. I don't know so many people, so healthy, so powerful. This is what Ashtanga yoga, his practice has done for him. If this is not convincing, I don't know what else can convince. To see him in action was worth going to the workshop, it's so motivating to go on with this crazy practice.

The breath was an expected topic. Lino emphasized also to finish each breath and then to move on. To go into an asana happens with a breath. The breath allows to lift up the body. The breath, the breath, the breath, and yes in the Ashtanga system the breath has a key role. So do the bandhas.

We were shown how to give some adjustments. Here I could see how deep his understanding of the human body is. Adjustments needn't hurt, they needn't be done with power, if one knows how to do it. He gave examples even re urdhva dhanurasana, the results were amazing.

Trikonasana: In the Ashtanga yoga system the toe is held right from the beginning on. It's not like in other systems where the hand is moving down the shin bone slowly. The toe is held and then the upper body opens according to the possibilities of the yogini.

There was of course  much much more.
When I remember to breathe deeply and to enjoy my practice it shall be enough.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow when a led class with him is offered.

Here is his book, that every Ashtanga yogi/yogini needs:

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