Friday, April 29, 2011

I watch.......the wedding of Kate and William

I change the roles, I'm a voyeur today.

I enjoy the wedding of K & W.  What a grand theatre.

What flowers will he give her. How is her hairdo, the dress, OMG.

Oh, and the public kiss, the highlight,  observed around the globe. How fucking exciting. I mean really. It must be a kiss, but not too much kissing, not too less, the folks want to see it, but it shouldn't be too long either.

And the relatives, the invited guests.........oh my.........I expect gossip at it's best., I won't miss this event. :)

I saw Diana's wedding, her funeral, and I watch Kate's wedding........


Tui said...

It's 7:48 PM here, Friday night, and we are glued to the TV. So exciting!

Ursula said...

Fantastic. One third of the world population is watching, this is unbelievable....:)

Ursula said...

I calculate from where you are, hahaha....tell me?

Grimmly said...

There's a wedding? : )

Ursula said...

This is what my yoginis asked me here: which wedding? It was a serious question.

It's the same situation when soccer world cup starts.

You've a day off in England, grimmly, don't miss that....hahahaha.

Vyankatesh said...

In a royal wedding in London, Prince William got married to Kate Middleton - eagerly watched by two billion people.

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