Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pictures from a day at the Isar

I slept long. It's OK, why not. Ah usual when we drive to my parents we leave Munich after lunch which is my 2nd breakfast and E's first.

The yoga practice yesterday was indeed very intensive, I can still feel it in my body. Even my back is a bit sore. Saturday is my day off, but will I practice at my parents home? I want to do some sun salutations, only because it's so wonderful to practice with the balcony doors open.

A day in the nature is like a little vacation. I rediscover the beauty of Munich. The climate is not very exciting here, but so it is bearable. A few summer days, spring and autumn and many winter days, but not so cold give us some change and something to talk about or should I write something to complain about? It's a good start to exercise the mind in relation to the weather and learn to think positively. Why thinking of terms like bad weather and good weather. Making the best out of each situation is a more uplifting approach.
I remember a conversation with a former colleague. I asked him if his 3 children have preferences re the weather. They hadn't. And how is it about rain, I wanted to know. Also when it's raining they want to play outside, he enlightened me.

Yesterday the weather was warm not too hot, there was sunshine and shadow. Hahahaha, I loved to be outside close to the Isar. Water, grass, trees, people, animals, everything could be admired.  

Time to go on with my morning routine: writing my journal and stepping on the mat.
Happy Easter Saturday.

Primary: Extra atttention will be on the (1) vinyasas, jumping through and forward, (2) supta kurmasana (I want to go into that pose via dwi pada sirsana) and (3) urdhva dhanurasana.

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