Sunday, April 03, 2011

I blame yoga for everything.......

I blame yoga for almost everything in my life. Fact is, how I practice yoga it's time-consuming. The practice alone needs 2 hours. Commuting time to the Mysore classes and led classes, showering, washing and ironing the clothes is not counted here. I often nap after yoga and it seems that I need this, too. I don't want to give it up to practice so much. But I also don't want to spend more time with yoga.
I reflect from time to time how I can organize my other life better. The feeling not to have time is not a good feeling. I want to have it easy. Simplicity is a key word. My life must be simple, as simple as possible. This is true luxury nowadays.

- My space clearing activities were a good step. It's an ongoing process.
- Cleaning is another task in every household here. Delegation is a possibility, but not everything can be delegated. It's too expensive and I also don't want it to have staff here every day. And to be honest, nobody works so profoundly like me.
In every room I've a place that shall be clean, always:
- When I get up I make my bed, except my boyfriend is still in it - hahahaha.
- My sink in the kitchen is clean, I do the dishes after having eaten. Always.
- My sofa must be able to breathe, no clothes or books shall be on it. This means I must iron my clothes as soon as they are dry.
-I also like to have a clean sink in the bathroom.
These  places shall shine and have an influence on the other areas.
In addition to these hot spots I work 25 min in one of the rooms on 6 days every week. It's amazing what can be done within 25 min. I think it's good to set a limit to every activity because the work at home can be endless, if one doesn't set a limit.
Once a month I even have help.

Since I don't work in companies anymore my flat is so much cleaner and better organised. I enjoy this daily. 

To live in a clean surrounding, a surrounding that is simple but beautiful is luxury. When I decorate, I decorate with lively flowers.

The sun is shining today. I'm already happy with what is done.

My mind is not burdened with thoughts what I all still have to do. Light-heatedly, I'll go to a led class after a break of three days. It's an easy start to start in a group. The breath shall be my focus.

What are your tips?

Pictures: the luxury hens of my brother.


Anonymous said...

I like to live by this mantra for dealing with clutter - always leave a room like you found it (or better). My husband has no concept of this theory, however.. haha..
I do ritual cleaning once weekly (thursdays). I try to allow no more than 15 minutes per room. I enter each room and stand in tadasana, grounding myself, palms folded in front of my heart saying thanks of gratitude for all I have. I am aware of my bandas while I scrub and clean too.. yes, yoga always enters in.

Ursula said...

Wow, this sounds fantastic. Thank you for sharing this.
Something to imitate....