Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A hint that improves every asana.....

Be conscious of the body parts that touch the floor and press them against it. This improves almost every asana. When the hands touch the floor not only the fingers, but also the palm of the hand presses against the floor. Also press the feet press against the floor as if you want to make the earth move a bit faster. Almost all balancing poses improve that way. Think of bakasana or pincha mayurasana. In pincha mayurasana also the thumb plays an important balancing role. To do the forearms.

First check which body parts touch the floor and then press them against it or let your body weight do it.

Urdhva dhanurasana becomes easier for me when I press the feet against the floor and the hands.

The asanas become stable and powerful.

To realize which body parts touch the floor made me understand the twists. The twists deserve extra posts.....:)

Explore it and see the difference.
Let me know if you realize an improvement of the asanas. I do.

Picture: It's marichyasana D. The knee of the bended leg is much further to the floor than years ago. The picture gives me ideas what I can test. Perhaps it's possible to bring the foot higher. Then the knee should approach the floor even more.

My practice was excellent today. Already one kilo less makes a huge difference. That the weight plays a crucial role know all people who work with the body. Being disciplined does not only mean to practice on a daily basis, it also means not to eat too much.


Adina said...

Thank you. I will definitely keep this in mind in my practice tomorrow and this evening.

Ursula said...

Good morning Adina,
Have you tried it? I'm curious.