Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Monday

The sun is shining here, but it's too fresh to practice outside. I woke up without alarm clock, nevertheless I feel still a bit tired and the body feels sore and stiff. I wonder why. A modest practice, even a lousy practice is better than no practice at all, I think. I'll give my body a bit more time to wake up, then I'll step on my mat in order to attempt second series.

Nature is beautiful here. It's all green, two lakes are in walking distance and the forest a few steps away is so inviting that fear does not come up.
The cats are wild and from time to time they hunt mice. From us human beings they expect some tenderness. Also not always, but they are able to make clear when they want to be caressed. Then they approach and press their little bodies against the legs, they look up and wiggle through the legs. It's already as if they caress themselves using a human leg. I don't let myself beg very long. Then I play with these little monsters with my hands. They stretch the head forward and turn it when I crawl their necks. They make a hump, when the hand glides over their backs. When they have enough they walk away. This was it then. Till next time.

The plan beside my yoga practice: We'll eat out today at a Thai restaurant in a beautiful village. Then E and I will drive to Munich. I hope that there won't be too much traffic.


German said...

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Ursula said...

If someone feel depressed it's always good to move. Swimming is as good as walking.

To move the body lifts up the spirits.....:)

Happy times for both of you.

Kristin said...

Yes, moving your body and remaining active does always lift the spirits! I enjoy throwing on a pair of my favorite Danskin leggings and being as active as possible whether I am practicing yoga, going for a jog or simply dancing! I found this great article about the perks of a simple activity such as dance!

enjoy and have a great day :)