Wednesday, April 06, 2011


I was glad when my yoga practice was over today. Sometimes also practicing in a Mysore class does not better the practice. Today it was hard. This is not a tragedy for me. I'm familiar with the daily ups and downs. I observe and move on. Tomorrow is likely another opportunity to practice. Let's see what will happen tomorrow.
Yesterday I didn't practice because I was busy with my finances. Also here decluttering is important. Do I really need a legal protection or a houshold insurance or my daily newspaper that I scarcly read?

It's more likely that I'm productive when I don't practice from time to time. Yoga is time-consuming. It's now 1:42 pm and I've done nothing else but yoga and I had lunch. I ate well, I had prepared a salad.

Practicing yoga 2 hours every day is a life style.

Practicing contentment is part of the practice, too and I'm content with what is. Time to nap.

Picture is taken by Paz. Hens, such beautiful animals.


Bettina said...

Probably we always fill in the time we have available. If there is a full work day ahead, it is possible to practice two hours of Ashtanga and get ready for work before 8:30 in the morning. But if it is weekend and there aren't any plans, it might as well be one or two o'clock before the Yoga practice has finished. I think not only the Yoga practice is time consuming but the way we integrate it in our day.

Ursula said...

You speak from experience...
It's also mine.
One has to be more consequent if the entire day is available...

Apana Talks said...

most days the best part of the class is om shanti shanti shanti in the beginning...those days am revving to start

but then there are some days when all i want is to hear the om shanti shanti shanti at the end.

thankfully today is the former.