Friday, April 22, 2011

Concentration again.

I've a virus. Not myself to be precise, but my PC and this is even worse. "Trojan" is this virus called and it spoiled all my programmes. I already paid about 80 US Dollar in January this year. I got an alert that I've a virus on my PC and in order to remove it I should buy this anti-virus software. I bought it and now I've the same problem. This was the virus already. This drives me crazy.
So this morning I could do nothing, I was not able to open the internet browser and my E wanted to sleep and he needs his sleep.

Then I remembered what I read lately on concentration. Concentrating means to fade out the outer circumstances and the inner life, too. The mind focus on something one wants to focus on. It was the breath. I was able to forget everything, but not the breath. I had an excellent practice. Primary was on the schedule. When I think of my practice this morning I become enthusiastic, so good  was it. Concentration creates flow. The body is hot and bendy when I practice without breaks and this allows me to go deeper and deeper in the asanas.

After my practice E woke up, too. He helped me to run a virus programme. The issue is not yet fixed. I use another browser now, FireFox and tomorrow we'll continue repairing my ill PC. Till then I'll focus on the breath. What else is important.

We had indeed a very nice afternoon. I could forget my PC and the landlord, too. We strolled along the Isar. Some people started barbecuing there, others sunbathed, others cared for their babies. The sun was shining, the grass was green already, so the trees. We walked in the shadow till we stopped at an Italian restaurant.

Yeah, and tomorrow we'll drive to my parents. I hope we can fix my PC soon.


Quentin said...

AVG is recommended internet security program. And firefox is not as susceptible as internet exlorer.

Ursula said...

Thank you Quentin. I'll forward it to E.
Happy Easter.