Monday, April 11, 2011

Back to daily work, ah, yoga........:)

Mysore class this morning was fantastic. I've the feeling as if my body gets used to practice second series. This makes the series a bit easier.

I was so conscious what luxury is offered to me. Three times Mysore class with wonderful yoginis and yogis and a very experienced and committed teacher. I'm so thankful for this. I will fight like a lion if this way of living is threatened. I do only what I want to do for the time being. Not a second in my life is a duty, it's all pleasure, joy, fun, entertainment. This is what Ashtanga yoga can do to you, I learned during the workshop last weekend......hahaha. (and Advaita philosophy, I want to add) It can change also your life for the better. Start with surya namaskara A.........

Picture: me pretending to work.


Bettina said...

Sure, Ursula, this sounds fantastic. I'd love to spend my life like this, but who is going to pay my rent, my insurances, my bills, my food? Obviously you have found the answer to this problem. I haven't so far, therefore I have to go on working. Perhaps you'll tell us your secret some day ;-)

Ursula said...

It's one of the lies that are told that you must work hard to earn a living.

Everybody must find the own way. It starts with the imagination that it's possible to survive without a 9 to 5 job.

I recommend to you the book by Tim Ferris.......the 4 hour work week.
Let me know if you read it....

Observer said...

As a reader of your blog I am under the impression that you couldn't live your current life if you weren't supported by a partner. There is nothing wrong with that. If that is the case though, what is wrong is to give your readers the impression that you're self-sustaining.

Enjoy your lifestyle and all the best with your projects.

Ursula said...

Each life situation is different.

Generally said and there are a lot of examples:
- It's possible to live a life that allows intensive yoga practice.
- It's possible to live and survive without a nine to five job (I always worked longer). A few years ago I couldn't imagine this. I know people who live as day trader, some became yoga teacher or offer workshops, others might be supported by a partner. The possibilities to survive are endless.
It's also possible to live a more modest life that allows to work part-time. There are possibilities for everybody.
Yoga is being yourself, becoming oneself. One has to look for ones own way.

Thank you for your wishes...:)