Wednesday, April 20, 2011

According to my own rhythm.....

I practiced according to my own rhythm today during the Mysore class. Mysore classes allow me to repeat the asanas that I can not yet practice, but that I'm learning. Pincha mayursana is such a pose.
I was able to give my best today. Concentration was excellent.

In the underground I saw a young boy under 1 year. He sat on a bench with straight legs, he bent forward with straight back and posed his head between his legs. It was all easy going. "And I exercise this every day, and he's just doing it", I said to his mother. The boy looked up and smiled. I enjoyed to see this perfect paschimottanasana. Everything easy-going his smile told me......:)

I'm a bit lazy to write more. To write about concentration is on my list. But the sun calls me, I want to go out. I also want to bath to relax my muscles. They still hurt a bit. These overstretched leg muscles need time to heal. Yeah, and this evening my E and myself celebrate his birthday in one of our Italian restaurant. Ah.

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