Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thinking positive....

It's easy to say: think positive. Believe that the impossible can become true.

To be really convinced that more is possible than one might think, comes with practice.
Also the mind is changing with practice, not only the body.

After 8 years of Ashtanga yoga practice I can list quite some asanas I was convinced I'd  never be able to do them. Practice proofed me something else. My positive attitude towards the possibilities on the mat is nowadays much more convincing (mainly for myself) as I have examples.

Practice and all is coming is true for the body and the mind.

I practiced this morning second series. It was an average practice, perhaps even below. Not every day is the same, that was it, nothing else, nothing to be concerned. I'm not. What's worth doing, is worth doing lousy.
And perhaps I'm only a bit too critical today. I wanted to practice without breaks, and this I did.

Pictures: I forgot my cable to upload my new pictures from my home town. I found a spring photo from 2007 where I was in France. Shall this one decorate my blog today.

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