Saturday, March 26, 2011

Quick decision.......

I'll travel to my parents tomorrow, with my yoga mat, my PC and my journals. This was a quick decision, which is considered as a joyful surprise by all participants of this event.

This is really so wonderful when practicing yoga, I need nothing but my mat to live my passion. My breath is always with me. I don't need mountains to climb up. I don't need any tools to play with. I need a mat and clothes that stretch. That's it. I'm independent. I will miss the Mysore classes a lot. And I'm working on the ability to be at several places at the same time. I learned from the book Autobiography of a yogi that this shall be possible for advanced yogis. For now my body can only be at one place, only the mind wanders around. This is OK, too. I can practice where ever I am. And I will.

The robber baron is coming, I use to say to my parents.
I'll live off the fat of the land when with my parents. "Consider what I can do for you", I said on the phone to my mother. It will be nothing but eating and talking, that is expected from me.

Out of my daily routine again. I must change all my plans for the week. This keeps the mind flexible.

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Happy weekend.

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