Thursday, March 17, 2011

On my own.....

Mentally I arrived yesterday already. I was still alone, but hungry. E should arrive from Madrid after 10pm. The restaurant in the hotel was empty, I didn't care. I got a salad, noodles and a red wine. Life must be celebrated.

Today I checked the net if there is an Ashtanga yoga studio here. There is one. In the meantime I expect that there is an Ashtanga yoga studio in every big city worldwide. Amazing how the Ashtanga community grew. On Saturday the studio here offers one class. I don't think that I'll go. Commuting time would be too long, I want to spend time with E. How good that I've established a home or hotel practice. This makes me independent. Yoga is something for myself. An ego-trip? I could do worse things, for sure.

So, how to spend my day here? The hotel is  downtown. I'll walk around, I'll find a café where I'll write my journal. I always travel with books. I'll read as well. In the early afternoon I'll practice. Then the bed is probably made and this brings more calmness, more zen in the room. This is the plan, but who knows what will happen.

To work for 2 hours is on my schedule, too. Yep.
Perhaps I can take some nice pictures, too.

One of the books that I've in my suitcase is by Amélie Nothomb. She is a hot tip and writes about her life in Japan.

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