Thursday, March 03, 2011

A most painful practice

It was a most painful practice.
I haven't practiced for a couple of days due to my cold.
Today I stepped on my mat again. My hamstrings are overstretched. This caused the pain. I must have this already a few days. I wondered all the time why. It can only be that I pushed too much during my evening sessions when I exercise side split.

I practiced the beginning with the CD by Sharath, then I practiced on my own. To stretch forward hurt me each time to my limits. After a modest try of kurmasana, I gave up. It hurt to much. I did baddha konasana as this is easy for me. Urdhva dhanurasana I practiced, too as the hamstrings are not stretched when doing this pose, but psychologically I was exhausted by then. The closing seqences was OK again.

Some practice  yoga only to learn to relax: I did savasana for10 min and it was great.
Why not deepen the ability to relax. Yoga has so many aspects.

My backside of the legs must heal. I'll bath now, my legs need it. My experience is that a bath is relaxing for everything. Buh, injuries are a pain in the ass.

I must do the side splits with much more patience!!!!!!!


Tracy said...

welcome to Tracy's world!
I just called the Chriopractor and Friday I have Physical Therapy...
same thing here..hamstrings and now my lower back and right hip.
This "F"ing Sucks!!!!!
I hope you feel better though...I think I may be worse off, but pain is pain no matter how you slice it~

Ursula said...

Oh, oh, oh, get well soon Tracy, lower back doesn't sound good.
Take care.
Yep, this is know.

Quentin said...

I feel your pain. Most uninformed yoga teachers will tell students that yoga practice is recommended to heal injuries. Depends like any exercise program. Be smart and pursue yoga for Life within injury. If it hurts, quoting David Williams, then you are doing something wrong.