Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lisbon - downtown

Oh yes, this picture must be on my blog.


Francisca said...

Dear Ursula,
It's good to know you are in Lisbon. I was born here and I love it.

Enjoy your stay : )))

Ursula said...

Dear Francisca,
Lisbon is a most beautiful city. It still seems to be a secret how beautiful this city is.
We love to be here.


Joana Fialho said...

Hello there Ursula,
There are more than one ashtanga shalas in Lisbon, and mysore classes everyday. Check out - Casa Vinyasa - on facebook, its near the Gulbenkian Museum you can take the subway to get there. Isa is a great teacher and certified :)

Have a good time in Lisboa,

Arturo said...

Dear Ursula
I'm loving the pictures; thanks for sharing them. I couldn't comment earlier.

Ursula said...

Dear Joana, thanks for the tip. Too late for this time to go there as I liked to stroll around with my bf. Next time I try to go to this Ashtanga shala....

Dear Arturo, enjoy, Lisbon is a wonderful city.