Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lazy Saturday is over...

Lazy Saturday is over, even though it was not so lazy, when I look back. An intensive cleaning session happened.

The day off is good for my body. The 6 practices during the week are intensive. Shall this be enough.

The topic today: How to approach yoga? goal-oriented or process-oriented.

Surely to set goals might help to achieve them. Deadlines, a plan how to exercise might all be very supportive. Having achieved a goal might create joy of accomplishment. But when we don't like the daily practice, we are more likely to give up the practice totally and then we'll never accomplish a goal.

I like daily life, perhaps even a bit more than the highlights. I also like the daily practice. I like to practice in a way that I'm exhausted at the end. I like to have an orientation, I like to know where this shall all lead, but this was it. This moment counts. This. This.

I enjoy my daily practice. It's calming to focus on the breath. To sense the given limits of the body every day new is a joy. To experience the possibilities of the body on a daily basis are my daily highlights. More is not necessary.

I'll go to a led class today. What luxury we have in Munich these days.

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