Saturday, March 05, 2011

It's Saturday, another day off

It's Saturday and another day off from my Ashtanga yoga practice. Shall my overstretched hamstrings heal in peace. It's already much much better. I bowed forward this morning. I feel good, I only feel pain when I stretch, practicing yoga means stretching.

What I've learnt: The hamstrings are most sensitive part of the body and easily overstretched. Too much pushing is not a step forward, but a step backward re stretching results.
Applying the correct stretching technique, engaging the leg muscles and the bandhas is important.
I got reminded: yoga is about breathing and being aware and not an acrobatic thing. What makes a yoga practice to a good one  is not  being able to perform crazy poses. It's about focus and awareness and relaxing the mind. It's about finding the middle and staying there.
People who practice Ashtanga yoga are often ambitious people. It can make sense to take the practice a lot  easier than we usually do. It's fun, baby. It's better to do an additional evening session if the need for practicing is not fulfilled, but to push too much.

We watched Heidi Klum's search for a super model the day before yesterday. The young beauties should walk on a catwalk that was wobbling. The results varied. Those who acted from the middle, those who looked straight and smiled, those who had focus on walking, walked beautifully. The others who feared to fall into the water wobbled and it was much more likely that they would fall.

To have focus is very helpful in life. To have focus, to concentrate on one action, object (whatever) over a certain period of time is as much a goal as to be able to perform a crazy asana. I want to get back to my 10 min meditation every day.

I found a nice blog post about positive attitude: It's here.

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