Tuesday, March 01, 2011

It will be another calm day...

The body needs time to heal. And I give the time. I don't force anything, not even a yoga practice.
Oh my, I'll be stiff, when I'll start again.
The last sentence reminds me of what really is important:
- the breath
- and to find out the limits when I'll step on the mat again. (difficult, difficult).
What was yesterday is not important.
- Exercising the mind to be focused is equally important than to perform any asana.

The asanas are only one part of the practice.

It's still early. The sun is shining here in Munich. :) Awesome.

PS: I love it, I get my first cheque from amazon.com, because I'm part of this affilliate program and I've so dear readers who bought there products via my blog. Thank you very much. After 9 months of active advertising I get 116 USD. It's surely not a way to get rich quickly, but a start to earn money online.
The very next step must be to have my own products. I'm working on it.

Picture is taken by Mahesh. Another beautiful sunrise.


Quentin said...

Suggestions for relief from stiffness and increased flexibility:
1. Hold poses for 3-5 minutes letting gravity gradually take control.
2. Raw vegetables, especially green ones, juices from these.
3. MSM (sulphur) 1000 mg per day
4. avoid milk products, especially India food.

I've practiced yoga for 14 years and Ashtanga for 5 years regularly, and still was challenged with binding poses and range of motion, until a few weeks ago following the above. Now I can do the binding poses that challenged me for years.

I still practice Ashtanga yoga, but add 15-30 minutes of a few folding, binding and twisting poses each afternoon after a morning Ashtanga practice.

Ashtanga has many benefits, but increased flexibilty (at age 62for me) is not one that develops in a short time. With vegan diet and holding poses increases flexibility in a very short time frame.

katze said...

Manche Männer nerven total