Thursday, March 24, 2011

The influence of Ashtanga yoga......

My Ashtanga yoga practice is time-consuming. It takes 2 hours every day minimum without commuting time and without showering and blogging afterwards.

This requires that life is organised very well. It must be as simple as possible.

Beside this general direction of simplicity, I'm learning and applying other techniques that help to be effective. To see the end of any action helps me to be focused and to work fast. 25 min work, break for five minutes, 25 min work and so on gives structure to any activity. It improves my feeling for time.

I also set a time limit  to my yoga practice. More than 2 hours I don't want to practice. About. A bit more, a bit less is OK. My yoga practice is finished after savasana.

Time to step on my mat. When I'm able to practice without breaks in a Mysore class, it should also be possible to do it at home. These little breaks are in sum a lot of time. Not being strong enough cannot be an excuse for breaks. To stay focused is a task of the mind. It's possible to go on, I will say to myself, when I feel the impulse to run away from the mat.
With a clear time limit, there is always an end in sight, something that can be achieved.

Time to practice. Primary today.

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