Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I wanted to bring it behind me.....

I wanted to bring it behind me. This was a good approach, as I didn't hesitate to step on my mat yesterday and I didn't practice with breaks. Without dawdling I went from one asana to the next. In the yoga blogosphere it's discussed again how long one shall practice and how often. For me 2 hours is enough, but for second series I need so much time, perhas a bit more even. I prefer to add a more relaxed practice in the evening to a super long practice that exceeds 2 hours. So far I practice once a day and it is OK and ENOUGH. I have other things to do as well. Really!

Mental exercise: There are asanas that drive me crazy: kapotasana is i.e. one of them. It was very weak yesterday. I'll never be able to do this pose, I thought and realized at once that this thought won't make the pose better. Now it's the time to exercise the mind and to think in a supporting direction, I thought. What aspects do I like at kapotasana is the question and task. Something can be found. I really like how this pose looks like. Frustrating thoughts are an opportunity to exercise the mind. To focus on the breath can be enough, to shoo away not so supporting thoughts. Yoga is also an exercise  for the mind. Yoga is controlling of the body and the mind.

My legs are still overstretched and this hurts. It's better, but not really good. I had to practice with a lot of care. Also for the future it's a reminder not to force anything. A daily practice is what improves the poses. Pushing too much has often the opposite result.

It's nice to be back home. To prepare my own healthy food is a joy,


Joyce said...

Hey Ursula, I needed to come here today to read your supporting advice. I'm having trouble to finish my masters thesis, and I keep on thinking : "i wont be able to finish this"/ this is terrible / i wont succed....
and you're absolutely right, this way of thinking won't make my work better! It's a looooong mind exercise, but totaly needed in my case. Thanx darling, have a great week!

Ursula said...

...and I'm sure you will finish your master thesis, fingers crossed.

Have a good working week. Step by step it will be done.