Sunday, March 06, 2011

I start again, with primary

It's Sunday and I'm ready for an Ashtanga yoga practice. Primary!
After having overstretched my hamstring, I know I have to practice very carefully. How can I do this?

1. Firstly I will practice slowly. This makes every practice easier. It also allows me to be more attentive. It allows the body to stretch slower.
2. My focus will be the breath, the sound of the breath. I'll observe if inhaling equals exhaling. The tiny pause between inhaling and exhaling shall refresh me.
3. Special attention I will give to applying the correct technique: The correct breathing I've already mentioned. Equally important is to engage the muscles and bandhas. This is a protection for the muscles to stretch.
5. Limits: I'd say I can bear pain, stretching pain rather well. Today I don't want to go till my limits. It shall feel good today. I was injured and I had a break of a few days. This must be respected. Sometimes less is more.
6. More important than anything is that the practice remains fun. This remembers me how important it is to relax the face.
7. I will also focus on being focused, this means I don't want to follow the impulse to take a break here and then. To stay on my mat is my goal during my practice. This IS an exercise for the mind. I set a time limit: 2 hours.

I'm amazed myself, how many aspect yoga has.

Don't forget to smile. An inner smile counts, too.

Sometimes less is more.

Picture: My dinner yesterday.


denise said...

Dear Ursula, thank you for reminde me about the inner smile!

denise said...

Dear Ursula, thank you for remind me about the inner smile!

Ursula said...

Dear Denise, it makes me happy when I read that my words can uplift the moment of one of my readers.
I smile back.

Anonymous said...

Such wisdom you possess! After having limited practices for six weeks because of my left thumb/hand palm injury I am finally feeling no discomfort, BUT I need to be aware of limits without feeling fear. Fear hinders and limits even the possible. An inner smile will help to combat limits.
Namaste, debb

Ursula said...

Thank you dear Debra,
I'm so glad that your thumb is better. To have injuries is always an exercise in patience.
I sit here still sweaty, I've just finished my practice.
I could touch my toes when I stretched forward, but this was it, this is modest for me.
But on the other hand I was so glad that I didn't do more. I had a joyful practice. It was self-love today, fun, joy. Ma ambitious sides I can live when I'm not overstretched or injured.
Happy practices for you....