Sunday, March 06, 2011

I enjoyed my practice like a glas of red wine.

There was pain felt during my last practice a few days ago. Real pain. The hamstrings were overstretched. And when I write pain, it really hurt, I can bear a lot. It was clear this has to heal first before I can accelerate again.

I stepped on my mat again with reasonable intention. As soon as the first discomfort was felt I wanted to stop moving further and I sticked to it. This meant that I could reach my toe with my hands in all these forward bending asana of the first series, but this was it. My chin didn't touch the shin bone. It might have looked modest, but I was happy.
My practice was an act of self-love.
Ambitious intention were absent. I practiced because I wanted to enjoy it, nothing I wanted to accomplish today, but to imitate the asanas that I used to practice. Lousy imitations, but it makes me laugh.

Wow, to be injured that painful deepened my understanding for my fellow yoginis, who have always something and everywhere (knees, hips, hamstrings, shoulders). I'm so lucky, this is not my accomplishment, but it is so, that I'm resilient. This health is a gift.

I got also reminded, that in former times ill people went to yogis for help. This is in my opinion also one reason why a teacher - student relationship was much more important than nowadays. The practices had to be adjusted to the needs to the ill person. Nowadays people are healthy and even exercised and they want to get even better at it, they want to get stronger and more flexible.
When we get injured or ill, we have to adjust our practice ourselves. And this was it, what I did today.
My focus was the vinyasa, the breathing and being content with what is. The first discomfort that was felt was like an alarm clock, telling me to stop. I was content and focused. It needn't to be a super good practice every day. To be able to practice can be a lot already.

How wonderful that this all happened.

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